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By Ed J Price

Of all the watches out there that claim to have all the features needed in a superb watch, you will not know which one really lives up to its claims unless you actually purchase it. It is very difficult and mostly rare nowadays to find a watch that lives up to the quality and standards of consumers taste in watches. Despite this, there is one watch that sports the true quality and superb features that it claims to have. This watch is known as the IWC Aquatimer Automatic and, not only is it a great casual watch, it makes an excellent dive watch. It is also the newest addition to the Vintage Collection of the International Watch Company.

Wearing a dive watch of excellent quality is not only useful but very important, and this can be agreed upon by any scuba diver. In any deep diving or open water diving, time accuracy is a key component especially when your life depends mainly on the breathing gear you are wearing. Every second gone by when underwater should be monitored very carefully since scuba tanks contain only a certain amount of air supply. The IWC Aquatimer Automatic is dedicated to coherency and accuracy which means it contains the very features that scuba divers need in order to survive when underwater.

IWC Aquatimer Automatic Features

IWC has based their main selling point for their Aquatimer range solely on the watch's quality and style. Also available in chronometric feature, the IWC Aquatimer Automatic possesses mechanical movement where it contains a mechanical rotating inner bezel, mechanical chronograph movement (for those with chronometric features), day and date display, and small seconds with stop functions, along with an automatic winding capability. This IWC Aquatimer comes with an IWC bracelet system with a "push button" release safety clasp. The Automatic is offered in two versions, one in platinum and one in stainless steel with various choices of quality bands to choose from. The bands come in black rubber, black leather (crocodile strap is also an option), or stainless steel.

Things to Be Aware Of

Like every physical product there is always a downside or something that always falls short in meeting up to certain consumer's expectations. Unless you are interested in purchasing replicas, whenever you are thinking about buying an IWC Aquatimer of any type then you should always be prepared to spend a considerable amount of money. The prices usually range in the thousands but the excellent quality and accuracy always make it worth your money and time.

All in all, any IWC Aquatimer dive watch is the perfect accessory for just about anyone. Not only does it have features that define the true meaning of quality, its appearance is very stylish and is fashionably suitable to be worn for any occasion. It makes a magnificent dive watch, as well as a dress watch, and it can last a lifetime with the proper care. Its style and quality makes any other watch look inferior when being compared to. So if you are thinking about buying a new watch, for diving or any other reason, the IWC Aquatimer is strongly recommended.

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