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Hovercraft For Sale Hovercraft For Sale Fly on a cushion of air; gliding across the sea, lakes, rivers, grassland, marsh, sand, snow and ice!

Malaysia people celebration Independence Day with fireworks, procession in the towns and metropolis, KMX busy with the preparation XPDC Merdeka

During first XPDC they use route Air Putih and Sungai Teladas
EXPC this time to Gunung Bakar through Felda Cherul.This route is less challenge over first XPDC

This pure fisherman (Nelayan Sejati) particle suffixed to the emphatic word in sentence not count nocturnal. In their darkness of the night install net. As a result luxurious
Still sleep in sweet dream despite already morning

Nain to introduce new member

KMX (Kemaman Motocross) & KMLP (Kelab Motor Lasak Pahang) involved in the PENN Endurance Challenge 2008 which was held at the Pantai Cherating Kuantan Pahang

KMX & KMLP assigned to recce the track before race day. On the day of the race KMX & KMLP assigned to monitor and rescue if something happens to the participants

This tournament joined by “Yang Di Pertuan Agung Malaysia Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin. His skills in horse riding is reflected in him winning the Wilga 80km Endurance Ride, Wilga Australia, and in a competition at Harris River Ride, Perth, Australia in 2004

High water crossings can be tough and dangerous at times. Here are some suggestions to make crossing water a little easier on you and your vehicle. Never cross water that is moving swiftly.
Difficulty: Hard
Time Required: Depends on the water
Here's How:
Determine how deep the water is and how smooth the bed of the crossing will be.
Lock in your hubs if they are manual hubs.
Put vehicle into 4-wheel drive. Put it into low range if you have low range on the transfer case.
If the water is going to be higher then the hubs; remove the fan belt or unhook the wires on an electric fan.
Make sure the air intake for your air cleaner isn't going to enter the water. Move it if you have to.
Cross water slowly!
After you are done with the water crossing replace all wires and/or belts.
If you relocated your air cleaner intake system put it back.
When you return home; check/drain all your axles, transfer case, and transmission and put new oil in.
Water is much stronger then one would think. It could force the fan through the radiator. This is the reason for step four.
The air intake for the air cleaner can suck water right into the motor if it is low and isn't moved. This is the reason for step five.
Water and oil do not mix. If water gets into your axles or transmission, transfer case, motor or bearings; damage will be quick. This is the reason for step nine
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The FJ Cruiser looks like one big brute, which is why it does not appeal to everybody. Either you love it or you hate it. This Toyota is actually a modern interpretation of the legendary FJ40, a tank-like truck which the Japanese automaker sold for more than a decade.
What seems to turn some people off is the outrageous size and stance making the FJ Cruiser look like it's up to no good. Truth is, when you finally get behind the wheel, this big SUV grows on you rather quickly.
A muscular V6The 239 horsepower generated by the 4.0-liter V6 are more than enough to move the near 2-ton FJ. That's because the 278 pounds-feet of torque are available early, allowing 0-100 accelerations in under 8.5 seconds. And with a towing capacity of up to 2,268 kilos (5,000 pounds), you can go on vacation with your boat, ATVs or trailer house.
With regard to fuel economy, my tester posted an average of 13.5 liters per 100 kilometers, which I find to be fairly reasonable.
When playing in the mud, the Toyota FJ Cruiser benefits from a good old 2-speed transfer case for RWD or 4WD operation. Believe me, the truck will be extensively covered in mud before it gets stuck, as we found out during Toyota's media launch two years ago and our comparative match last summer. Ever since coming to market, the new FJ has proven to be a sizeable threat to the iconic Jeep Wrangler.
Surprisingly, despite its amazing off-road capabilities, the FJ Cruiser fares pretty well on paved roads. Of course, you shouldn't expect great comfort over long rides, but the suspension adjusts nicely whether you're driving on asphalt or a rough trail. Handling is also commendable.

“Be forewarned, RFC is not for the faint-hearted, come physically & mentally prepared”

5 to 14 December 2008
From Chukai (Kemaman), Hulu Dungun, Hulu Terengganu and Kuala Terengganu.
Each team will be tested on their ability to overcome various obstacles along the way. Points gained will be on the fastest time. Penalty for infringement of safety and environmental rules. Overcoming the obstacles with recovery work will be emphasized.
The Rainforest Challenge was awarded the Top Ten Most Spectacular Sports Tourism Event by the Ministry of Tourism & Ministry of Youth & Sports of Malaysia and the Most Countries Participation in a 4x4 Event by Malaysia Book of Records.
If you have the passion of living out your 4x4 passion, have the correct mindset and attitude for a jungle adventure and love meeting up with fellow 4x4 adventurers from around the world - then the Rainforest Challenge is for you.
Be forewarned: This event is not for the faint hearted. Mother Nature rules supreme, event schedule is subject to the awesome might of nature.

More information Click http://www.rainforest-challenge.com/

Rainforest Challenge Trengganu 2005

Opening ceremony happen at Bandar Chukai Kemaman

One of the competitions happen at Awana Kijal Kemaman
More information Click http://www.rainforest-challenge.com/