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Before heading off road, you should put some thought into what tools you'll need in your off-road hand tools and toolbox. Your aim is to have enough on hand so if something breaks when you're out on the trail, you'll be able to disassemble, repair, replace, and/or reassemble it in order to get yourself back on the road.
As a bare minimum, you'll want to have the following items on hand:
· Air pressure gauge
· Allen wrenches
· Baling wire
· Crescent wrench (small & medium)
· Electrical tape & spare connectors
· Grease (or a grease gun)
· Hammer
· Nuts & bolts (assorted sizes)
· Open end/box wrenches (3/8" to 3/4")
· Pliers - standard, needle-nose and channel lock
· Pocket/utility knife
· Screwdrivers - standard and phillips
· Socket set (3/8") with extensions
· Standard & phillips screwdrivers
· Super glue/epoxy
· Vise grips
· Wire & wire cutters/crimpers

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