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High water crossings can be tough and dangerous at times. Here are some suggestions to make crossing water a little easier on you and your vehicle. Never cross water that is moving swiftly.
Difficulty: Hard
Time Required: Depends on the water
Here's How:
Determine how deep the water is and how smooth the bed of the crossing will be.
Lock in your hubs if they are manual hubs.
Put vehicle into 4-wheel drive. Put it into low range if you have low range on the transfer case.
If the water is going to be higher then the hubs; remove the fan belt or unhook the wires on an electric fan.
Make sure the air intake for your air cleaner isn't going to enter the water. Move it if you have to.
Cross water slowly!
After you are done with the water crossing replace all wires and/or belts.
If you relocated your air cleaner intake system put it back.
When you return home; check/drain all your axles, transfer case, and transmission and put new oil in.
Water is much stronger then one would think. It could force the fan through the radiator. This is the reason for step four.
The air intake for the air cleaner can suck water right into the motor if it is low and isn't moved. This is the reason for step five.
Water and oil do not mix. If water gets into your axles or transmission, transfer case, motor or bearings; damage will be quick. This is the reason for step nine
From Jim Walczak, for About.com